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Gazeta do Povo Newspaper - Curitiba/PR

Sunday , June 17, 2012 - Column of Juril Carnasciali


      In this issue of Gazeta do Povo newspaper from Curitiba, Paraná, a photograph of the coverage by photographer Ana Gabriella of the opening event of Casa Cor Paraná - 2012 was published.​​

Casa Sul Magazine

Edition 57 - Year 13 - August 2012

      In this issue of Casa Sul magazine, photographs by Ana Gabriella were published, of two washrooms designed by Architect Thiago Salcedo, in the showroom of the Gramarcal company.

Kaza Magazine - Top 100 - 2012
Issue 112 - Year 10 - September 2012

      In the special edition Top 100 - 2012, of Kaza magazine, a portrait made by photographer Ana Gabriella from Architect Verediane Kobren Baracat was published.

Voi Magazine
Edition - Year
  - from september 2012

      Advertisement for Pózinho Mágico store, with photography by Ana Gabriella Amorim, published in Voi magazine in September 2012.

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